2011 Arthur Ellis Awards Winners

The Crime Writers of Canada announced the winners for the 2011 Arthur Ellis Awards as follows:

Best Novel: Bury Your Dead, by Louise Penny (Little, Brown UK)

Best Short Story: “So Much in Common,” by Mary Jane Maffini (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, September/October 2010)

Best Non-Fiction: On the Farm, by Stevie Cameron (Knopf Canada)

Best Juvenile/Young Adult: The Worst Thing She Ever Did, by Alice Kuipers (HarperCollins)

Best Crime Writing in French: Dans le quartier des agités, by Jacques Côté (Alire)

Best First Novel: The Debba, by Avner Mandleman (Other Press)

Unhanged Arthur (Best Unpublished First Crime Novel): Better Off Dead, by John Jeneroux