2018 Arthur Ellis Award Winners Announced

The Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) has announced the winners for the 2018 Arthur Ellis Awards as follows:

Best Crime Novel: SLEEPING IN THE GROUND, by Peter Robinson (McClelland & Stewart)

Best First Crime Novel: FULL CURL, by Dave Butler (Dundurn Press)

Best Crime Novella (The Lou Allin Momorial Award): “How Lon Pruitt Was Found Murdered in an Open Field with No Footprints Around,” by Mike Culpepper (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, September/October 2017)

Best Crime Short Story: “The Outlier,” by Catherine Astolfo (13 Claws; Carrick Publishing)

Best Nonfiction Crime Book: THE WHISKY KING, by Trevor Cole (HarperCollins)

Best Juvenile/Young Adult Crime Book: CHASE — GET READY TO RUN, by Linwood Barclay (Penguin Radom/Puffin Canada)

Best Crime Book in French: LES TRICOTEUSES, by Marie Saur (Heliotrope Noir)

Best Unpublished First Crime Novel: DESTRUCTION IN PARADISE, by Dianne Scott

2018 CWC Grand Master Award Recipient: Gail Bowen (for her long and illustrious career as a crime fiction author)

The winners were announced on May 24 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.